A Life-changing Experience

Fresh out of school, the students who join college live in a bubble of their own limited perspectives and experiences. At SIGC, we gradually and carefully bring them out and expose them to new ideas, new ways of thinking and all the wonders of the world.

Close friendships, kind and pleasant professors, the freedom to explore one's personal desires, and a student-friendly environment - all these positively impact our students and transform them into strong personalities.

Come, join our community of bold and intelligent women.


We want our students to enjoy world- class academic infrastructure and residential facilities. That is why we have invested in high-speed network, multiple well stocked libraries, research equipment, professional sports facilities, sustainability practices and more.

We respect the trust of parents who have left their women to study with us. To make their life comfortable, we offer safe transport services, healthy meals and snacks, 24x7 ATM, medical support and more.

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Just the right books, journals and resources you will need to succeed in your academic journey and expand your knowledge - that is what our three fully digitalized libraries offer our students.

For those who love to browse a range of books or read for leisure, the libraries offer spacious and quite reading section with desks and comfortable chairs.

We are continously expanding our shelves and adding in more e-resources. Feel free to drop in and spend time at our libraries; we are sure you will have an enlightening experience.

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Clubs and committees

SIGC has a range of technical, social and recreational clubs for students to join and collaborate. These micro-communities allow students to find and work with like-minded people and learn from each other.

If you do not find a club around your interests, feel free to start up!

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Alumnae Relationship

Our alumnae are leaders today in a variety of fields. We are proud that they choose to stay in touch with their college and professors despite the heights they reach.

We conduct regular reunions and alumnae-student interaction sessions to encourage dialogue, knowledge sharing and philanthropy.

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It is said that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.

At SIGC, we wish for overall growth of our women and sports not just helps in the development of mental health and physical fitness but also empowers students with life skills such as leadership, confidence, decision making, team spirit, etc.

Students who show keen interest in sports and fine arts are motivated to achieve laurels. Professional coaching and mentoring are provided to students by tutors and counselors.

More than 30% of campus area is dedicated for amenities like courts, tracks, stand, practice area and indoor games complex.

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