Shrimati Indira Gandhi College has been creating history since 1984 by standing with women and their
right to education and empowerment. In the last three decades, the college has transformed into a
respected institution for women across all backgrounds.

A Revolution for Women

Shrimati Indira Gandhi College was founded in 1984 by Vidya Seva Ratnam K. Santhanam with a single-minded devotion to educate and empower women.

He clearly wanted the campus to be situated in the heart of the city so as to be convenient for students to commute as well as to be one with the culture of Trichy.

It is an unaided college and one of the first two colleges in the state founded exclusively for women. It was named after the former Indian Prime Minister, whose life-size statue marks the entry to the college.

From a humble beginning of 2 courses and 10 teachers the college has grown into one of the most important institutions in India.

Symbol of Mahatma

One of the most powerful voices of the world in the 20th century was Mahatma Gandhi.

In the year 1934, while the campus was part of the former National College Council, Mahatma Gandhi visited and interacted with the staff and students.

The tree under which he sat is still alive and thriving today. It is a sight of awe for all our visitors, espectially our new students.

Beyond being a landmark of the college, the tree serves as a symbol of strength and wisdom for our women. They are proud of its presence in their learning atmosphere and derive great amount of inspiration from it.

We would highly recommend you ask for and visit it when you are in the campus.

A Long Tradition of Success

Generations of SIGC women, inspired by their education, have carved a niche in their life. We have witnessed the birth of artists, educationists, scientists and sportswomen.

The college has celebrated its Decennium in 1996, Bi-Decennium in 2005 and Silver Jubilee in 2010.

But the road to such success and glory was not easy.

The credit for the miraculous growth of the college is due in no small measure to the dedication and hard work of the Founder-Secretary K.Santhanam and his management team.

In the early years, he was single-handedly engaged in finding teachers, regulating admissions, building the required infrastructure, corresponding with AICTE for starting the M.B.A and M.C.A programmes, obtaining permanent affiliation from the University, UGC recognition and accreditation by NAAC.

Treading the path laid down by him, the present management has introduced more courses and secured re-accreditation at 'A' Grade by NAAC.

Successive principals of the college Ms. N.S. Jaya, Dr. T. Kamala, Dr. K. Meena, and the current principal Dr. S. Vidhyalakshmi have tirelessly promoted higher education for women and contributed immensely to the growth of the institution.

Today, thousands of women across the world call SIGC their home. These successful alumnae have been visiting their campus and working with our management to shape our institution and support our students.

Today, and the Path Ahead

Shrimathi Indira Gandhi College is considered as the hub of culture and evolutiion by people in Trichy and beyond. Today we have more than 5000 students coming to study with us from all over Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tanjore, Pudukkottai, Pattukkottai, Karaikal, Karur, Salem, Erode, Vizhupuram, Theni, Tirunelveli, Ramanathapuram, and many more cities.

SIGC enables them to discover their capabilities and become strong, responsible, creative, and prepared to lead and serve their society.

With 16 academic departments and 7 research departments together offering 51 UG and PG programmes, we have broken down the barriers to quality education.

We also understand that taking the first step towards higher education could be challenging for many aspiring young women. That is why we have initiated scholarships for deserving students.

As a next step, we aim to bring together our management, staff, students and alumnae in a collaborative spirit and take the institution to the next level.

We wish to further escalate our academic standards and support our students to meet those standards.

Finally, following the mission of SIGC and its founder, our new leadership aspires to promote higher education to women in every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu, and then India, and make the college a top institution in the country.