Internal Complaints Committee -(ICC)

Internal Committee takes efforts to maintain gender parity, sexual harassment-free and positive environment at the workplace. It conducts awareness drive through display of women welfare & anti-sexual harassment posters, workshops, posters, speeches by experts etc. to have an encouraging and dignified surrounding to study and work in for women.. The Committee organizes meetings at regular intervals and organizes awareness programmes. For any complaints, reach out to

Position in ICC
1Dr.P.Gajalakshmi Principal, Shrimati Indira Gandhi College,Trichy-620002 Chairperson
2 Dr.K.Sujatha Assistant Professor,Department of Physics,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College,Trichy-620002. Co-Ordinator
3Dr.N.Saratha Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College,Trichy-620002 Co-Ordinator
4C.VanipriyaOffice Staff Shrimati Indira Gandhi College,Trichy-620002 Co-Ordinator
5 S.S.Subhathra II M.Sc. Physics Shrimati Indira Gandhi College,Trichy-620002 Student Member
6 R.Akshaya I B..Sc.Computer Science Shrimati Indira Gandhi College, Trichy-620002 Student Member


The Internal Complaints Committee of Shrimati Indira Gandhi College, organized a Demonstration Programme on the topic “Improving Self Confidence Through Self Defence” on 16.11.2023 . Ms.R. Nithya, Director, Physical Education, Shrimati Indira Gandhi College, was the Resource person. Dr.K. Sujatha, Assistant Professor of Physics, Shrimati Indira Gandhi College delivered the welcome address. The Resource Person emphasized the importance of learning martial arts and how it helps to face harassments and overcome it. She demonstrated various attacking techniques using the ordinary things like notebook, ID card, shawl, bangle as weapons. Finally, Dr N. Saradha, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, proposed the vote of thanks. Around 250 PG students actively participated in the programme and were benefitted.

Demonstration Programme