"Everything you need for a better future and success has already been written. And guess what ? All you have to do is go to the library".

- Henri Frederic Amiel, Swiss Philosopher -

About Our Libraries

Our mission is to create, curate and preserve scholarship and use it to promote new paths of learning and knowledge sharing. We excel in this through the use of innovative digital tools and services.

At SIGC, we have 3 well-stocked libraries with 55,200 volumes of books, all classified under global standards. We also subscribe to a variety of newspapers and national and international journals and magazines.

All libraries are digitized and connected via LAN, so it is possible to access any library from any computer.

Key Features

Special software for visually challenged persons

Our libraries are equipped with special hardware and software to help blind & low vision/ partially blind students, including software for computer operation and technologies for reading printed library books.

Fully automated library

Our library facilities are fully digitalized. The processes of accessing, issuing, and returning or renewing books are carried out digitally. Gate Entry Monitoring Systems takes care of attendance. Serials Control System helps in circulation of Journals and Magazines.

In addition, we have installed a 150 MBPS leased line connection to all libraries.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

With this functionality, users can search for and reserve books, and view overdue books.

All books and all user IDs have been barcoded. A barcode scanner is used with the OPAC system to identify books (for circulation) and users (for attendance) and is connected to the Library Software System.

In-house/remote access to e-publications

The library is equipped with computers connected to the internet. This helps users to access papers published in e-journals and open-access journals. We also subscribe to multiple digital libraries.

Plans and Programmes for Students

Book bank scheme

This scheme was initiated to help financially weaker students. Books are distributed free of cost among them. Preference is given to differently-abled students. Traditionally such students have been given the Book Bank Card on Fresher's Day to enable them to borrow books from the library. These students can retain the borrowed books till their exams.

Earn while you learn scheme

This is another scheme to help students who are economically challenged. Such students who are willing to help the librarian in the functioning of the library (stacking and stock-taking books, dusting the shelves, etc.) are compensated with scholarships or fee waivers.

Celebration of Library Day

The college celebrates Library Day every year for a whole week. Book exhibitions, lectures by eminent personalities on reading habits and the use of library, demonstrations of online resources for study and research, book reviews, study circles and more activities are conducted to help students understand the significance of a library.

Meet Your Librarians

Ms. R.V. Jaishri

M.Com., M.L.I.S., M.Phil. Chief Librarian


M.A., M.L.I.S.


MBA., M.L.I.S.