Special Facilities

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  • Special Forums
  • Schemes
  • Other Facilities

Hostel facilities are available for Girls only. There are 3 Hostels in the Campus :

  • Kamala Nehru Hostel
  • New Hostel
  • Kodiyalam Hostel
  • S.No. Items Kamala Nehru Hostel New Hostel Kodiyalam Hostel
    1. No. of Floors 4 2 4
    2. No. of Rooms 103 34 56
    3. No. of Deputy Wardens' Room 4 2 4
    4. No. of Toilets 40 18 40
    5. No. of Bathrooms 20    
    6. Table Tennis Court - 1 -
    7. Reading Lobby 1 1 1
    8. Health Centre 1 - -
    9. Recreation Room 1 1 1
    10. No. of Telephones 2 1 1

    Dining Hall Technical Institute
    Kamala Nehru Hostel Sewing Lab

    College Hostel consists of 3 Large Dining Halls with Stainless Steel Tables and Benches.

    Occupancy :

    S.No. Name of the Hostel No. of Occupants
    1. Kamala Nehru Hostel 390
    2. New Hostel 187
    3. Kodiyalam Hostel 195
      Total 772

    Anti Ragging Committee

    The Anti-Ragging Committee of the institute shall take an appropriate decision, in regard to punishment or otherwise, depending on the facts of each incident of ragging and nature and gravity of the incident of ragging established in the recommendations of the Anti-Ragging Squad.

  • Dr.S.Vidyalakshmi, Principal
  • Ms.K.Lakshmi, Lecturer, Dept. of Mathematics
  • Ms.P.Lakshmi, Asst. Professor, Dept. of MCA
  • Ms. R.Shanthi, Programmer, Dept. of CS/IT
  • Ms.S.Yogeswari, III BBA
  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell

    The college has a separate Entrepreneurship Development Cell formed in 2004. This Cell functions smoothly in conjunction with the Fashion Technology Department. There is an eagerness and over whelming response from all disciplines to join the cell.

    Many Training Programmes are organized in the following areas

  • Sewing and Embroidery
  • Painting
  • Doll Making
  • Computer Training
  • Personal Grooming and Mehandi Design
  • Artificial Flower Making
  • Garland Making
  • Artificial Jewellery Making
  • Craft Work, etc.
  • Cellphone Servicing

  • Many students have started their own boutiques and shops after undergoing training from the EDC. This has also helped students to organize exhibition cum sale of their products, thereby yielding a substantial income to them.

    Grievance Redressal Cell

    The Grievance Redressal Cell is functioning in the College to deal with matters relating to the redressal of genuine and valid grievances of the students concerning all academic and examination related matters.

    A systematic enquiry is made into the written complaint lodged by a student regarding his/her Continuous Internal Assessment or Final Examination marks and appropriate corrective measures are taken to redress the grievance as early as possible.

    The Cell also provides academic and personal counseling and mentoring support to students of the college.


    Ms.S.Zaibunisa Begum, Lecturer, Dept.of English


    Ms.V.K.Nagarathinam, Head, Dept. of Economics
    Ms.T.R.Usha Rani, Head, Dept. of Mathematics

    Students Counselling

    Students who suffer from mental stress/ psychological disorders due to ill health, domestic environment, past history, poor social relationships, etc. are identified and individually counseled by the student counseling centre of the college. The centre comprises of faculty and students who carry this out as a service to the student community. Continuous counseling sessions with case history is maintained by the department of social work.


    Ms.N.Sherin Sophia, Head, Dept. of Social Work
    Ms.K.Shenbagam, Lecturer, Dept. of Social Work
    Ms.S.Mallika, Lecturer, Dept. of Mathematics
    Ms.K.Sujatha, Head, Dept. of Bank Management

    Book Bank Scheme

    This is another unique feature of the college. The object of the scheme is to help financially weaker students. A sum of Rs. 1,00,000/- is allotted per annum for this scheme and Books are distributed among the economically weaker students. Initial preference is given to the physically challenged and differently abled students. Such students have been given the Book Bank Card on the Fresher's day, to enable them to borrow books from the library.


    Ms.R.V.Jaishri, Librarian
    Ms.P.Usha, Librarian

    Earn While You Learn Scheme

    It is a pioneer scheme for poor students who need financial support. Such students are identified and employed in the following tasks:

  • Maintenance of the Books available in the Book Bank Scheme
  • Foundation and maintenance of Kitchen Garden
  • Data Conversion Work
  • Craft Work
  • Tailoring
  • Co-ordinators

    Ms.Mythili Sekar, Lecturer, Dept. of Tamil
    Ms.R.Dharshini, Demonstrator, Dept. of F.T.


    The college helps students belonging to disadvantaged sections of the society, to get financial aid in the form of state scholarships from the government. In addition to this, the management provides scholarships to economically backward and physically challenged students. This facilitates such students to pay their fees. Sometimes tuition fees is waived for some exceptional students. The college also provides scholarships from donors interested in helping poor students to get educated.

    Every year during the College Day Celebration a number of scholarships are being distributed to students who are economically poor and academically bright. Apart from this, meritorious students are also awarded cash prizes during the college day celebrations.

    Preference is given to Athletes and Sports persons in admission based on their sports records. The sports students who have represented University / State / National Level Events are given 50-100% fee concession and complete financial support is extended by the Management for participation in outstation games and tournaments.

    Student participating in Fine Arts are given 50% Fee concession.


    A full-fledged branch of the City Union Bank is actively operational at SIGC campus with ATMs - Very Easy for Girls at the Girls Hostel to operate and also for faculty.


    A Large Cafeteria, accommodating more than 100 people, with Stainless Steel, Tables and Benches is available in the Campus where things are sold at Subsidiary Rates. Purified Water facilities are also available.

    Health Centre

    There is a Health Centre available in the Campus and is mostly used by Hostel Students. First Aid Box and Medical Appliances are provided. Emergency Medical services are available to students.


    The college has 6 MBPS leased line connection, connecting around 100 computers to the internet. An 1 MBPS broadband connection, connects around 40 computers to the internet. Internet facilities can be availed by research scholars, faculty, hostel students after 2 pm on all working days free of cost. We get a bandwidth/speed of 100mbps during peak hours.


    Bus Shelter

    A large bus shelter is available in which all the college buses and vans are parked.

    Two Wheeler Stand

    About 100 two wheelers can be parked in the two wheeler stand located in two places in the Campus. Day scholars and staff use it. Four-wheeler parking is also available.

    Post Box

    A Post Box is available within the campus for the use of students and faculty.

    Telephone Facility

    Public Telephone Facilities are available to hostel students round the clock. This can also be availed by day scholars.

    Transport Facility

    The college has a fleet of buses to pick up staff and students from specific Locations of the district to the college and back to their homes. We have 13 buses and 6 vans. These buses are also used for transporting staff and students to Seminars / Conferences held at the University / Other Institutions and to field trips and industrial visits.