Nature Club

This Club seeks to create awareness on environmental issues through its activities. Students are encouraged to take membership in the Nature Club. They are provided opportunities to study and admire the environment and thereby understand the need to conserve nature's bounty. Competitions are conducted for students to increase their love for nature and develop awareness about its conservation. At the same time, guest lectures by individuals who have made a mark in the area of nature conservation and environmental protection, have been arranged.


Dept. of Chemistry
Ms.S.Mercy Kiruba,
Dept. of Chemistry

Activities 2016-17

S.No Date Events
1 13.7.2016 Annual EXNORA Co-ordinators meeting
2 13.8.2016. Visit to Herbal Garden and Plantation of Herbal Sapling
3 23.12.2016. Visit to Butterfly Garden

Activities 2015-16

S.No Date Event Gallery
1 20.08.2015 Insulin Herbs were planted in the herbal garden, sigc co-ordinally with Nature Club.
2 12.02.2016 Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Women Empowerment Study Circle and NSS jointly conducted a Student Counselling programme to inculcate Moral and Ethical Values among the students -
3 02/03/2016 Nature Club and Exnora Club organized “Bio – Walk” in Butterfly Garden at Mellur, Srirangam, Trichy.
4 7.3.2016 Nature Club, Exnora and Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy co-ordinally organized a green walk -