The institution has a free policy to use the expertise and knowledge of its faculty for the cause of social up-liftment and to help organizations to improve their function by their advice & suggestions. The college offers its services to Government, Non-Government Organizations and Self-help groups almost regularly. The principal, Vice-principal and Heads of Departments motivate the staff members to conduct activities that will help them to utilize the available facilities for consultancy services. Accordingly several programmes that utilize the expertise of the faculty and the facilities of the institution have been organized. The consultancy services are provided free of cost. When charged, the charges are limited to the cost of conducting particular programmes. Electricity and infrastructure are free. The objective is service to the community and not generation of revenue.

The various consultancy services offered by our faculty are given below

S.No Date Area Beneficiaries
1. 4.4.2009-5.4.2009 Higher Education after School Parents and students who have passed H.Sec in Trichy, Tanjore, Pudukkottai and local districts
2. 20.6.2009-23.6.2009 Computer Literacy Headmasters of Adi Dravida Welfare High & Higher Secondary School, Trichy.
3. 04.07.2009 Role of ICT & Soft skills in enhancing the educational system School Heads and Principals of Trichy
4. 10.7.2009-15.7.2009 Computer Literacy and E-Learning B.T Assistants and Drawing masters of Govt. Hr. Sec. Schools in Trichy
5. 28.07.2009 Communication skills using Language Laboratories Headmasters and English Teachers of High & Hr.Sec Schools of Trichy
6. 28.9.2009 Computer Literacy Students of rural schools in Mudhalaipatti, Veeramalai koundanpatti, Seplapatti villages
7. 04.11.2009-16.12.2009 Computer Literacy Students of Child labour special schools under the NCLP Scheme, Trichy.
8. 16.11.2009 Data Entry Operations Around 100 Persons with Disability
9. 16.12.2009 Use of computer for study in schools 100 Child Labour special school children under NCLP scheme
10. 14.12.2009-18.12.2009 Computer Literacy and E-Learning B.T Assistants of Govt. Hr. Sec. Schools in Trichy
11. 08.12.2009 Blood group identification All UG students of the college
12. 30.7.2010 Loans And Advances Outreach Programme Students of the Government Higher Secondary School, Valadi
13. 18.08.2010 Computer Literacy Students of the Government Higher Secondary School, Thandalaiputhur.
14. 28.08.2010 Arts & Crafts Students of Government Higher Secondary School, Ayampalayam.
15. 04.10.2010 Computer Literacy Students of Rathna higher Secondary School, Pettavaithalai.
16. 24.01.2011 Banking in Practice Students of the Chellamani Ammal Middle School, Trichy.
17. 10.2.2011 Commerce and Accountancy for Hr. Sec school students XI Standard Students of Mariamman Higher Secondary School, Samayapuram.
18. 27.08.2011 Consumer Rights Residents of Kavalkaranpalayam, Trichy
19. 14.09.2011 Psychiatric Counselling All UG students of the college
20. 16.09.2011 Ozone Protection Residents of Ponmalai, Trichy
21. 21.11.2011-25.11.2011 Inservice training programme in all science subjects Secondary Grade Science Teachers of All schools in Trichy
22. 24.01.2012 Healthy Aging Inmates and students of Athma Institute of Mental Health & Social Sciences
23. 25.01.2012 Environmental Awareness Residents of Theerambalayam Panchayat Union
24. 27.01.2012 Health and Hygiene Self help group women of Allur
25. 16.02.2012 Parental care for Mentally challenged children Parents of Santhosh Special school
26. 21.2.2012 Importance of Education Inmates of Annal Children Home
27. 21.02.2012 Health and Hygiene Students of Govt. Girls Hr. Sec school, Puthur
S.No Date Area Beneficiaries
28. 16.07.2012-21.07.2012 Fundamentals of Computer, Ms Office and .Net Around 200 Police personnel of Trichy
29. 27.07.2012-06.08.2012 Tailoring and Dress Making 250 Women of Srirangam (Batch I )
30. 31.08.2012 Computer Literacy Students of the Government Higher School, Inungur.
31. 3.12.2012-10.12.2012 Tailoring and Dress Making 250 Women of Srirangam (Batch II)
32. 12.03.2013 Antinatal Diet Inmates of Ramakrishna Nursing Home, Trichy
33. 20.3.2013-25.03.2013 Entrepreneurship Training 75 College teachers of Trichy
34. 13.5.2013 to
Short Term Programme on Office Automation Packages & Internet Concepts for Lawyers. Faculty & Programmers, Dept of C.Sc, I.T & Applications
35. 13.5.2013 to 18.05.2013 Tailoring and Dress Making 48 Students of our College.
36. 08.10.2013 Physical Fitness Students of Bharathidasan University Constituent College for Women, Orathanadu
37. 11.10.2013 Jewellery Making Self Help Group Women of Athavathur
38. 28.10.2013-
Computer Literacy 150 students of Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Manapparai
39. 29.10.2013 English Grammar 150 students of Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Manapparai
40. 30.11.2013 Garland Making Staff members of Sri Jayendra Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sri Sankara Matriculation School and Santhanam Vidhyalaya.
41. 26.12.2013-
Tailoring and Dress Making Rural women of Srirangam Constituency
42. 04.01.2014 Internet Literacy programme for Housewives Dr. K. Meena, Former V.C, BARD & Faculty, Dept of C.Sc, I.T & Applications
43 07.04.2014 Tamil Computing for students of B.Litt Tamil Dr. K. Meena, Former V.C, BARD & Faculty, Dept of C.Sc, I.T & Applications
44 03.05.2014 Tamil Computing for Housewives Dr. K. Meena, Former V.C, BARD & Faculty, Dept of C.Sc, I.T & Applications

images Dr. M.A.Gopalan has been recognized for contributing maximum of research articles in Mathematics from India / Tamilnadu to Indian Mathematical Science Periodicals during the last 5 years. He has been ranked in the first position with a total of 67 articles published from 2004-09 at the rate of 13 articles per year. (Reference : "Contribution of Tamilnadu to Indian Mathematical Science: A Bibliometric analysis" by M.Dorairajan, R.T.Vijaya & M.Renukadevi, RETELL St. Joseph's College Magazine, ISSN 0973-404X)

He is also an Editor for
  • International Journal of Advance in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences ( ISSN 2278-0866
  • Impact Journal of Science and Technology ISSN 0973-8290
  • Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences ISSN

He has acted as External examiner for Ph.D Mathematics for one candidate at Mother Teresa University, Kodaikanal and as resource person in a few national and international conferences in Mathematics.

Dr.S.Vidhyalakshmi, the Principal of the College is an editor for Impact Journal of Science and Technology ISSN 0973-8290. images
images Ms.T.Karpagam, Asst. Professor, Department of Biochemistry is a Reviewer for articles published in the Indian Journal of Gastro-enterology ( She also provides consultancy in Clinical Biochemistry and related areas to patients of Dr. Arunagiri Computer Diagnostics.
Ms.B.Varalakshmi is a Reviewer for articles published in the Journal of Medicine and Medical Science images
images Ms.A.Tamizharasi, Asst. Professor, Department of Microbiology, and Ms.T.Karpagam of Department of Biochemistry act as consultants to Saastha Institute of Medical Technology, in Medical Microbiology, Pathology & Haematology. images
images Ms.S.Karpagam and Ms.V.Bharathi , Asst. Professors, Department of Biochemistry provide consultancy in the fields of Clinical Biochemistry, Microbial techniques, Nanotechnology, Phytochemistry and Environmental Studies to students at Biological and Bio-informatics Research Centre, Trichy. images
images Ms.K.Bhuvaneswari, Asst. Professor, Department of Tamil, acts as a reviewer and proof reader for a Tamil monthly magazine 'Valam Pera Yosi'.
Ms.P.Andal, Head, Department of Fashion Technology, provides consultancy on Dyeing & Weaving Techniques for Banana & Silk fiber to Gunasundari Handlooms, Chennai and Self Help Groups in Chennai. images

Faculty of Department of Computer Science, Information Technology and Computer Applications are involved in creating computer awareness and training in use of computer software and packages to various sections of the society. They also participate in a live project named IT ON WHEELS which is targeted towards bringing computer literacy to rural masses.

Department of Fashion Technology is involved in training employees of various institutes and organizations and self help group women in sewing techniques, tailoring, dressmaking, apparel enrichment, fashion wear design and production.

Department of Social Work conducts awareness programmes on various social issues and their remedies.