Principal's Message

Dr.S.Vidhyalakshmi, M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., PhD.

As we step into this new academic year, filled with hope and dreams of scaling new heights, I wish to reiterate the importance of few things that we have to keep in mind. Parents should remember that children should not be forced, but should be guided to achieve whatever goals they may have in their minds in an easy and pleasing manner, so that we may be able to discover the particular touch of genius in each one of them. The purpose of education is to teach our children to think and develop a capacity to reason out facts. Students should keep in mind the importance of planning and prioritizing their time and the effective use of it which are essential to achieve success. I am proud to mention that all the low ranking students who joined Shrimati Indira Gandhi College in the initial years finished with creditable First Class with Distinction.

Flexibility, breadth and depth are the hallmark of our learning pathways. We value and celebrate achievement and generosity. Our staff are dedicated to delivering an exemplary, multi-faceted and engaging curriculum. We care for the individual and understand the need to offer the broadest range of courses culminating in vocational qualification and work readiness and to academic profiling enabling access all levels of university entrance. We are proud of strong team of meticulously trained, dedicated and committed faculty and staff and most advanced teaching aids.

We have high class infrastructure with well-equipped Computer/IT Laboratories, Class Rooms, Auditorium, Seminar Hall, modernized Library, Sports, and NSS.

We aim to provide sufficient opportunities to each student to discover and understand themselves, and face and overcome challenges presented to them to make student life fulfilling and complete.

In the past 30 years, Our College has grown not only in strength and size but also in levels of excellence. Our College has been a hub of many activities of excellence and achievements both by students and staff. All these have been possible because of continuous guidelines and support from our Hon. Advisor Dr. K.Meena.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the hard work and efforts of the Vice Principals, Coordinators, and all the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff members who have worked tirelessly with passion and commitment which has helped us to realize our goals.