Duties of Teachers

Have expert knowledge in the subject area and to continuously update one’s knowledge in the area of expertise to sustain and enhance teaching and learning.

Pursue activities leading to professional development and career development in one’s own area of expertise

Plan, organize and implement activities leading to structured teaching and learning, leading to appropriate assessment and evaluation with variety and novelty.

Motivate students to imbibe, implement, innovate / invent new ideas through continuous progressively challenging learning experiences that incorporate self-exploration, goal-setting, questioning, demonstrating, creative problem-based solution strategies, use of current technology-resources-information, collaboration and team-work.

Adapt instruction / support to diversified student groups based on learning styles, strengths, needs, development levels etc.

Vary roles of instruction based on content and purpose of instruction

Maintain safe environment conducive to learning, comply with institutional rules and regulations inside and outside the class room

A great teacher today needs to embrace the new and promote innovative leadership and pedagogy across all layers and roles of the learning community

The modern teacher understands the school as a systemic organization and also how they make the most out of all rules in order to promote exemplary teaching, student learning, and achievement practices.

Today’s teachers must have respect for risk-taking and failure and do not react to these terms with negative connotations, but rather with appreciation, curiosity, and desire to identify the cause and also the prescription for improvement.

Responsibilities of teachers

Teachers should handle the courses assigned to them by the Head of the Department. They should complete the course content in time and produce good results.

They should support students in their learning, be a mentor, guide and counselor, and help them to handle themselves emotionally, physically and socially.

Teachers should maintain decorum both inside and outside the classroom and set a good example to students.

They should also carry out other academic, co-curricular and other organizational activities assigned to them.

They should be punctual, and be available in the campus, during working hours, unless assigned duties elsewhere.

They can avail leave / O.D with prior written permission from the principal. Not more than 25% of staff members of a department can be allowed to avail leave / O.D in a day.

They should attend FDPs, QIPs to update their knowledge and try to publish books, articles and attend seminars and conferences.

They should not bring discredit to the institution. They should not involve themselves in political activity, strikes or demonstrations inside or outside the college.

They should comply with the instructions issued by the Competent authorities. They should wear their identity cards.

They should co-operate in improving the institute into one of Excellence in higher education.