Non-teaching staff include chief superintendant, clerks, accountants, demonstrators, lab assistants, and programmers. They should report to work in advance.

They should wear their badges and do their duties efficiently.

Lab assistants should keep the laboratories clean and in working condition. They are responsible for equipment, furniture and fixtures and other machinery in the lab. They should maintain stock registers, maintain stock of equipment / chemicals and should claim damages from students as per directions of the Head of the Department / Principal.

Programmers should support students in programming, and assist the college administration in data entry operations, uploading data to websites, taking printouts for various purposes. They should maintain computer equipment, keep them clean and tidy, and configure systems as per student requirements. They are responsible for system performance and software assistance for various purposes of the college.

Demonstrators are expected to support the teaching staff in conduct of practicals. They also share the responsibility of maintenance of labs and other equipments.

Clerks, accountants will carry out their duties as instructed by the chief superintendant.

All administrative staff should support the principal in general administration of the college, conduct of classes, attendance, student admission and transfer, preparation and submission of records / reports, correspondence with university and boards / bodies for assessment and accreditation, approval etc. They should also assist the principal in conduct of examinations, and other functions, celebrations and ceremonies of the institution.

They should not leave the college premises without permission from the principal during working hours. General rules for leave apply to them.

They should always work in keeping with the objectives of the institution, and its progress and carry out their duties as instructed by the authorities to whom they are attached.

They should not participate in any external activity, association, or bodies outside the institution or act detrimental to the objectives of the institution.