Core Values of the Institution

Learning for Life, to pursue knowledge and truth throughout our lives to improve ourselves and those around us.

Diversify on all levels, diverse people, ideas, perspectives, but still remain united to achieve the goals of the institution

Learn to respect each others’ views and to understand the contributions of every person in the community towards the progress of the institution

Strive for excellence in action at all levels – physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and ethical

Service to people is Service to God – Sympathize and empathize. Be compassionate to fellow beings to relieve them of their sufferings and obsessions, to promote their well being and prosperity.

Build a strong nation by creating competent, committed and responsible citizens through outstanding teaching, instilling moral and ethical values, use of technologies to support learning, promotion of innovation in research and outreach.

Exhibit quality in staffing, infrastructure and facilities, programs and curriculum transaction and promote continuous improvement as per needs.

Promote interdepartmental collaboration, linkages with industries and organizations, for seeking expertise, knowledge, skills and experience for students, to make them more employable.

Respond to stakeholders and to changes in societal and national needs through creativity, innovation and feedback.

Uphold honesty, self-discipline, accountability and dedication in action.