S.No Date Detail of activity
1. 09.06.2015 to 10.09.2015 Several Meetings to collect data for preparation of AQAR for academic year 2014-2015
2. 22.06.2015 Review meeting - Agenda

Result Analysis for April 2015 Examination

Updation of Web site

Student Project proposals to be sent to TNSCST

Proposed Plan of Activities for current year

Collection of articles published in journals during previous academic year from faculty

Departmental Magazine

Any other quality sustenance and improvement activities

3. 21.08.2015 Quarterly IQAC meet
4. 21.08.2015 Discussions with Academic Committee for preparing a new feedback form for collecting feedback on teaching and learning and about infrastructure of college from students
5. 25.09.2015

Review meeting – Agenda

Student Feedback Analysis for odd sem 2015-16

Submission of AQAR for 2014-15

Microsoft License Renewal and Purchase

Review of Project Proposals sent to funding agencies.

6. 05.10.2015 Departmentwise staff meeting to review activities of the department forthe odd semester Review of computer lab facilities, maintenance and upgradation of infrastructure Research committee meeting – review of research activities, funds for research, motivating research Quarterly IQAC meet College Website updation, AICTE Website Updation and submission of application for extension of approval for M.C.A & M.B.A for 2016-17
11. 05.02.2016 Meeting to prepare for visit of General Inspection Commission from university Internal audit report submission Preparation of Supplementary report.for GIC Visit
13. 26.02.2016 Lab infrastructure upgradation Meeting with Placement Cell to review placement activities Departmentwise staff meeting to review activities of the department for the even semester Proposed plan of activities for summer Result analysis for previous semestser Arrangements for Alumni Meet Quarterly IQAC meet